Team CBH

Choices Behavioral Health offers ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy with a focus on quality and individuality. The CBH team is comprised of highly trained Registered Behavior Technicians who are led by experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Each team member is involved in monthly training and has access to the latest research in Applied Behavior Analysis. Our staff members are innovative and compassionate and they aim to provide high-quality care to each client.


Our Values

Choices Behavioral Health believes individuals with autism and other developmental or behavioral differences can achieve limitless potential when aided by the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Though our treatment is always guided by the principles of ABA, CBH understands that each child and family is different and that their care should be as unique as they are. Our team approaches each child’s treatment through individual assessment and goals are established by collaboration between our professional staff, the child’s caregivers and the child.

As part of our individualized approach, we offer both comprehensive as well as focused treatment. Our center specializes in early intervention, verbal behavior, social skills, and functional living skills as well as teaching replacement skills for maladaptive behavior. We incorporate both structured and naturalized teaching strategies to develop these skills, focusing on which approach works best for the child. Caregivers and other providers (therapists, schools, etc.) are involved in each step of treatment to ensure results are seen across environments.